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Energy, Health and Healing, LLC

Quantum Guidance for Your Earthly Journey 

Hello, and Welcome!

My name is Nola Mark

I provide Quantum Guidance for your earthly journey through Quantum Human Design Readings

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I have had my astrology chart read, but the understanding it gave me of myself was limited—it didn’t really tell me things about myself that I didn’t already know! There were FOUR aspects of myself that I was completely unconscious of and were creating tension in some of my relationships. Hearing Nola describe these aspects were epiphanies! Becoming aware of these have actually prevented arguments with my husband because I recognize the root cause of some of my frustrations are just aspects of how my energy is wired. I can now make conscious choices and respond instead of react! Everyone should have their chart read and Nola is a wise practitioner who can help with that!

Highly, highly, highly recommend! Transformative. Thank you Nola!!!  -- Rita C., Michigan, USA

Planet and Moon

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