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Starry Sky

Quantum Human Design

Quantum Human Design is a synthesis of:

  • Eastern and Western Astrology

  • The Chinese I'Ching

  • The Kabbalah

  • The Hindu Chakra System

  • Quantum Physics.


It is a science of self-discovery that can help you better understand yourself.


Why Learn About Your Design?

When Is the Best Time to Learn About Your Design?

What Will a Quantum Human Design Reading Show You?

  • It confirms what you already know, sense or have felt about yourself.

  • If confirms the themes you may have noticed playing out in your life and relationships.

  • It enables you to not take things personally because you realize everything is just energy.

  • Anytime

  • When you are feeling "stuck" and wondering what your life purpose is

  • When you want to better understand why you act or react the way you do to certain people or situations

  • How you process energy

  • Your gifts

  • Your purpose

  • Why you might get "stuck"

  • What your soul lessons are

  • What archetypes you are exploring and learning from

Quantum Human Design

This is my very own personal Quantum Human Design.  Everyone has one.  It is configured based on the date, time and place that you were born, and it can tell you SO much about how you are wired and why you do the things you do.  It's fascinating and enlightening.  Book your reading below! 

Book a Reading

Book your initial Quantum Human Design reading here! 

If you have a group of people interested in learning more, I have a 2-part introductory class available (approximately 3 hours total).  This is an overview of the Quantum Human Design System.  It does not dive deep into individual charts, but rather gives you a "big picture" perspective.  This can also be done in person or via zoom.  Contact me for class rates and for more information.

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