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Are you a GENERATOR?

Generators have a defined Sacral Center and no "motor" to the throat.

Now, we haven't talked about "motors" yet. There are 4 centers on the chart that are considered "motors." They help define what kind of energy we have and they are colored in above.

  • The pink triangle is the Will Center, and is where willpower is located in the chart.

  • The pink square is the Sacral Center, and is the most sustainable energy in the chart. It is the energy for working, nurturing and sexuality.

  • The brown triangle is the Emotional Solar Plexus and is where emotional energy is located.

  • The brown square is the Root Center and is where adrenaline is located.

So one of the defining qualities of a Generator is that none of these "motor" centers are connected in any way to the throat. This gives a different energetic dynamic than if one or more of these motors were connected to the throat.

In general, if you do not have a "motor" to your throat, your best strategy for expressing yourself is to wait to be invited to share your thoughts, ideas or insights. You will be best received if you wait to be recognized or invited. This can be EXTREMELY challenging because those of us with an undefined or open throat center or no motor to the throat usually have a LOT to say. But we can find ourselves frustrated and feeling unheard if we don't wait to be invited to share our thoughts. This is a PROTECTIVE element of the chart so you share at the right time with the right people.

Other characteristics of a Generator type include:

  • Having tremendous sustainable energy - you are the only type designed to "work."

  • Needing to find the "right" work and the right opportunities to make you happy

  • Feeling stuck and/or frustrated

  • Quitting too soon

  • Not being able to "make something happen"

  • Being able to respond better to "yes/no" questions than open-ended ones

Do you think you might be a Generator? Approximately 37% of us are! You can find out at where you can run your very own chart for free! You must know your birth DATE, PLACE, and TIME, however. After you run your chart, I would be happy to help you understand it more in depth. You can message me to schedule a reading anytime! I would love to dive in and help you learn more about your unique and wonderful self!

**My next blog post will explore some of the characteristics of the Manifestor type. If you have a question you would like me to address in a blog post, please reach out to me and let me know!**

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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