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Are you a PROJECTOR?

Projectors have an open or undefined Sacral Center and NO "motor" to the throat.

As mentioned in previous posts, there are 4 centers on the chart that are considered "motors." They help define what kind of energy we have and they are all white in the above example.

  • The triangle outlined in pink is the Will Center, and is where willpower is located in the chart.

  • The square outlined in pink in the middle is the Sacral Center, and is the most sustainable energy in the chart. It is the energy for working, nurturing and sexuality. In the case of the Projector, this center is open or undefined, so Projectors do NOT have consistent access to this sustainable energy.

  • The triangle outlined in brown on the right is the Emotional Solar Plexus and is where emotional energy is located.

  • The square outlined in brown on the bottom is the Root Center and is where adrenaline is located.

Note: It is possible for a Projector to have one or more of these centers defined (except for the Sacral Center) but there will NOT be a channel connecting the motorized center(s) to the throat.

The Quantum name for a Projector is an Orchestrator. If you are a Projector, you are here to guide, direct and manage "your" people. "Your" people are the ones who recognize you for your value and invite you in. If all of life were a play, you would be the director. You are highly intuitive, sensitive and wise. You don't have a defined Sacral Center, so you do not have consistent access to sustainable energy. Like the Manifestor, it is helpful for you to have Generators in your circle to help you bring your big ideas to fruition. Projectors comprise about 20% of the population.

One of the biggest challenges for the Projector is waiting for the right invitation to come to them. Often, Projectors will feel unheard because they have so much to say but often are not expressing themselves in front of the right audience. Either they have not been invited to share and people are not interested, or people may just not be ready to hear what they have to say. As I said, Projectors are highly intuitive and others may not be on the same level as they are, which can leave them feeling unheard and bitter.

Some other challenges of the Projector include:

  • Knowing their self-worth

  • Feeling abandoned by Spirit

  • Not having sustainable energy

  • Giving away intellectual property

  • Not recognizing burnout

  • Not knowing when enough is enough

  • Allowing others to support them

Do these characteristics sound like you? Maybe you are a Projector. You can find out at where you can run your very own chart for free! You must know your birth DATE, PLACE, and TIME, however. After you run your chart, I would be happy to help you understand it more in depth. You can message me to schedule a reading anytime! I would love to dive in and help you learn more about your unique and wonderful self!

**My next blog post will explore some of the characteristics of the last and rarest type - the Reflector. If you have a question you would like me to address in a blog post, please reach out to me and let me know!**

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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