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Are you a REFLECTOR?

If you are, you are part of only 1% of the population! Reflectors are rare beings and have NO defined centers at all!

One of the most important things for Reflectors is consistency in their environment. With having NO definition in any of their centers, Reflectors are ALWAYS absorbing energies from their environment. They pick up the energy of others' thoughts and emotions, and they see the world through others' eyes. They take it all in, amplify it and then reflect it back out into their environment, hence the name.

The Quantum name for a Reflector is a Calibrator. If you want to know the climate of a community, check with a Calibrator because he/she is feeling it all. If your Reflector/Calibrator child comes home from school and is upset, it is more than likely because of something that happened in their environment in school that day - not necessarily something that happened to them directly. Reflectors are very wise, intuitive, empathic and extremely sensitive. They can see the enormous potential in virtually everyone and hence are often mired in disappointment when that potential is going unfulfilled.

The thing that will have the biggest effect on the Reflector or Calibrator's energy is the cycle of the moon. Because of all that openness in the chart, and because the moon moves rather quickly through the gates, a Reflector's emotions and energies can be all over the place all the time, often causing energetic overwhelm. This is why a Reflector's strategy for making big decisions is to wait 29 days - a full cycle of the moon - before finalizing anything. This can be extremely challenging for our Reflectors in a world of instant gratification and pressure to decide everything here and now. Other challenges include struggling to stay grounded and the need for consistency.

The strengths of being a Reflector include being talkative, passionate, unique, and a proponent for peace and prosperity.

Do these characteristics sound like you? Maybe you are a Reflector. You can find out at where you can run your very own chart for free! You must know your birth DATE, PLACE, and TIME, however. After you run your chart, I would be happy to help you understand it more in depth. You can message me to schedule a reading anytime! I would love to dive in and help you learn more about your unique and wonderful self!

**If you have a question you would like me to address in a blog post, please reach out to me and let me know!**

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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