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Parenting with Quantum Human Design

Are you a parent? Do you sometimes struggle with challenging behaviors in your child(ren)? Do you know a parent? Do you know a parent who sometimes struggles with challenging behaviors in their child(ren)? If you answered yes to any of those questions, read on.

Children are our future. As such, I would love for them to grow up in the best way possible! In a stable environment...with appropriate boundaries as well as freedom for them to be and express who they truly are...with emotional support and guidance that works for their own individual needs, etc., etc. Doesn't that sound amazing?? I don't know if I can promise ALL of that, but I do think I can help move us in that direction.

As a parent, I'm guessing you would like to learn everything you can to help guide, nurture and provide a stable environment for your child(ren)? Quantum Human Design is an EXCELLENT tool to help you along those lines. Consider, if you will, the following questions:

  1. Does your child seem "closed off" emotionally?

  2. Does your child struggle with schedule changes or changes in routine?

  3. Does your child have trouble paying attention?

  4. Does your child have trouble focusing?

  5. Does your child jump from project to project sometimes not finishing what they start?

  6. Does your child have a hard time knowing when they need to rest?

  7. Does your child have a lot of natural gifts (talents that come effortlessly to them)?

  8. Is your child cynical? bitter? frustrated? complaining a lot? pessimistic?

  9. Is your child highly sensitive?

  10. Does your child often seem overwhelmed?

  11. Does your child seem anxious or depressed?

  12. Does your child ask a lot of questions and seem to need to know everything about everything?

  13. Does your child seem to have a lot of shame?

  14. Does your child have trouble in relationships?

  15. Does your child talk a lot?

  16. Does your child seem withdrawn?

  17. Does your child seem lonely?

  18. Does your child fear not being accepted?

While I'm not saying that these feelings or characteristics that you may recognize in your child are "bad," they may present as problematic at times. Many of these "issues" might be the energetic "hard wiring" that your child was born with. If that is the case, there may be some things that you as a parent can do to help mitigate these problematic areas and help your child better navigate the world in which we live.

A Quantum Human Design reading will look at your child's energetic hard wiring. Where the planets, the sun and the moon were when your child entered the world imprinted an energetic blueprint on their body and auric field. In my opinion, understanding that blueprint is HUGE in understanding our kiddos. In my experience, it generally doesn't require a complete revamping of your parenting skills to make significant changes. Small tweaks in what is said or how it is said, minor changes in the environment, or just knowing that your child needs alone time or needs to burn off a lot of energy every day, for example, can make all the difference in the world. Looking back, there are so many things that I wish my parents had known about my design while I was growing up. In studying my own kiddos' charts, there are definitely things I would've done differently had I known more about their own individual energetic hard wiring.

You can run a free Quantum Human Design chart at and you can poke around on the internet to piece together some explanations of all the different layers. I tried to do that with my chart when I was first introduced to this and it was overwhelming, so I got a reading for myself (and then went on to learn everything I could about this fascinating topic). I would love to help you unpack all the juicy pieces of information hidden within your child's chart. If this sounds good to you, reach out and let's set up a time to get together! And if you know someone who would be interested in this for their own child(ren), please pass it on! More Quantum Human Design information as well as my pricing can be found here: .

**If you have a question you would like me to address in a blog post, please reach out to me and let me know!**

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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