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But First! Some Definitions!

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I started writing about the 5 BEST things that I received from my first QHD reading and realized I may need to provide some background information before I just jump right into things. If you are somewhat familiar with Human Design charts, you can probably skip this post...or read it and maybe learn something new :). I am writing this mainly for those of you who are brand new to this concept.

So here's what you need to know.

This is what a typical chart would look like if you were to get a reading from me. There are a few different formats, but they all usually have the same basic information. Yours would probably have different things colored in and different things labeled because of course, you are not me; you are you - an incredibly unique human being just like everybody else. :)

So let's break things down some more.


All of the geometric shapes on the chart are called Centers. They basically correspond to the Chakras with a couple of deviations. From the top, the yellow triangle is the Head Center (Crown Chakra), the green triangle is the Ajna (Third Eye Chakra), the brown square is the Throat Center (Throat Chakra), the yellow diamond is the Identity Center or the "G" Center, the pink triangle is the Ego or Will Center (These are both part of the Heart Chakra), the 2 brown triangles are both part of the Solar Plexus - the one on the left is the Splenic Solar Plexus and the one on the right is the Emotional Solar Plexus, the pink square is the Sacral Center (Sacral Chakra) and the brown square on the bottom is the Root Center (Root Chakra). These will be colored in if they are "defined" and white if they are "undefined" or "open." (More on that in a bit.)

Channels and Gates

The lines that connect the Centers are called Channels. They can either be red or black or both red and black if they are defined and white if they are undefined. When a channel connects two centers, that makes the two centers "defined." We will discuss what the red and black colors mean below.

All of the little numbers you see on the chart (1 - 64) are called "Gates." These Gates can also be red, black or both red and black if they are defined and white if they are undefined. If they are not connected to another gate (like numbers 61, 16 and 36 above) they are called "Hanging Gates."

Definition vs. Openness

So now let's talk about "definition." When something is colored in on the chart, that means that particular energy is something you have access to consistently. It means that a planetary body (planet, sun, moon, etc.) was transiting the part of the sky that corresponds to that part of your chart either at the time of your birth (if it's black) or approximately 88 days prior to your birth (if it's red). If there is both red and black in a particular spot on the chart, that means you had at least two planetary bodies in that spot at that particular time. The defined energies are also the ones that you project out into the world through your aura.

The "open" or "undefined" areas of the chart are white. These are energies that you have, but you don't have access to them as consistently as you do the defined energies. The open areas of your chart are places where you take in the energy from your environment and amplify it in your system. So the energies of the open areas of your chart will fluctuate depending on your surroundings, who you are with, and where the planets are transiting on any given day.

There is more, but those are the most basic basics to get us started. I will explain more as we go along. NOW I think we are ready to hear about the 5 BEST things I gained from my first QHD reading. Stay tuned!

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