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Why Human Design? - My 5 BEST Things

Here are the 5 BEST things that I gained from having a Human Design reading.

5. I learned about my quirks and idiosyncrasies and why I act the way I do. At the exact time of our birth, all of the planets and stars are in certain places in the sky. This causes a certain energetic imprint to be placed in our auras. This imprint gives us access to certain energies consistently, whereas other energies we may have more trouble accessing. For example, I have Gate 53 defined in my chart (See below). This gate contains the energy for getting things started and because it's defined, I have consistent access to that energy. I do NOT have Gate 42 (right above Gate 53 below) defined in my chart. This gate contains the energy for finishing things and I do NOT have consistent access to this energy. This explains why I have OODLES of unfinished projects all over the place! It may sound silly, but that one tidbit of information helped me to no longer beat myself up for starting something before I finished the last thing I started. It helped me to accept the piece of myself that is going to have a bunch of unfinished projects (and a few finished ones) in her vicinity at all times. The rule of "finish what you start before you start the next thing" that was engrained in me no longer had a place. I was wired differently and somehow that was now OK.

4. I learned why I react to some people in certain ways and other people in different ways. We all have an energetic "aura" about us. With the QHD reading, I learned that certain energies are "projected" by people with certain design configurations, while certain energies are "absorbed" by people with other configurations. So if someone has an "open" emotional center, for example, and he/she is around someone with a "defined" emotional center, the dynamics between those two people will be different than if they both had open emotional centers or both had defined emotional centers. (See what I mean by "open" and "defined" in my previous post or also below.) I will get into more specific examples of this in future posts.

3. I'm not sure how to sum this one up neatly, so I'll just explain it. It has to do with an aspect of the chart that we have not talked about yet - the Lines and the Profile. As mentioned previously, there are 64 Gates in a chart. If you think of those "Gates" as areas in space, they are each divided into 6 parts. This aspect comes from the Chinese i'Ching. Each of these 6 parts is called a "Line." The lines that our sun and moon fall on are what make up our "Profile."

If you look at my chart again (below), you will see numbers after the decimal points in both red and black on both sides of the chart. These indicate which Line the planetary body is on within that Gate. The top number on both sides is the Gate that the sun is in, while the next number is the Gate that the earth is in. You will see that I have 6's on the red side of the chart and 4's on the black side. That gives me a 4/6 profile (black is listed first). This is also indicated on the bottom of the chart with the other information, such as Type, Authority, etc. So, the thing that really spoke to me with regard to my profile is how Line 6 energy works.

People with Line 6 typically go through 3 stages in their lives. Birth to age 29ish is the "Pioneer" stage - the stage of exploring and experimentation. Ages 30ish to 50ish is what is called "On the Roof." This is a stage where we learn, heal and integrate - often a time of introspection and reflection. It is a time of preparation for what we are going to embark on when we finally come off the roof after age 50ish. At this time, we are fully embodied to share what we’re here to share with the world as a role model. Line 6's may be seen as aloof, especially during the stage "on the roof" and we may be considered late bloomers. The accuracy of this timeline in my life really blew my mind.

I will get into the other "Lines" in the chart in a future post.

2. I felt validated and no longer felt like there was something "wrong" with me. I don't know that there is any one specific piece of information that helped me feel this way; it was more of an overall feeling about the fact that these charts exist and there is SO MUCH information in them with so much depth and so many levels, and SOOOO much of it resonated with me deeply. So much so that I just HAD to learn more, which is why I went on to become a Specialist. I hope to be able to provide for others what this knowledge has provided for me.

1. The most important and profound take-away for me was I felt like I had permission to be who I truly was - not who I was "supposed" to be or who I thought I "should" be. I finally felt like I could be genuinely ME. I am now letting myself start projects and maybe not finish them. I let myself flit from task to task to task, having many things going at once. I find I am much more productive that way. I used to get paralyzed by my negative self-talk..."You shouldn't start that before you finish this..." "Don't start that - you'll never finish it..." etc. I'm realizing that my ability to multi-task is a gift and not a curse and I am able to use it as such.

I am not done learning by far; I feel like I have just scratched the surface. I am about to dive into Level 4 Certification training to learn more both about myself and about how to help others. I am super excited for this next level and can't wait to keep sharing with you.

The Difference Between "Open" and "Defined"

Basically, when a portion of your chart is colored in, that is considered "defined." The portions of the chart that are white are considered "open" or "undefined." When an astrological body (a planet, the sun, the moon, etc.) is transiting a certain area of a chart, it causes that area to become "defined" and gives off a certain energy. It is important to note that we ALL have ALL of the chart. The "open" parts are not missing; there is just a different energetic dynamic present. The defined parts of our chart contain the energies we project while the open or undefined parts are places where we absorb and amplify energies from our environments.

**My next blog post will explore some of the characteristics of the Generator type. If you have a question you would like me to address in a blog post, please reach out to me and let me know!**

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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